Our Process

Our systematic approach to each opportunity ensures a holistic understanding of your individual project specifications. It is our belief that each project requires different scope and approach. Therefore we are extremely diligent about the way we handle each project on case-by-case basis.


In the flooring industry it is imperative to assess each project individually. Our complimentary consultation gives you peace of mind. During this endeavor you will gain basic knowledge and recommendations on how to adequately approach your project. One of our experienced representatives will provide best practices on how to approach your project strategically and efficiently.


After over 25 years of experience, we have encountered quite a few different scenarios. We are continuously educating ourselves on the evolution of industry best practices. This assists us with remaining current, innovative, and competitive in the floor laying industry. Current trends also allow us to provide up-to-date recommendations on individual projects for our clients. Essentially, giving you the peace of mind while ensuring that your goals and objectives for each project are adequately met. The combination of consultation and seasoned floor laying expertise allows us to provide up-to-date project recommendations.


Each project requires an individual scope of work. For example, a remodel in an existing area of your home will significantly differentiate from building a new home. In order to thoroughly understand your project needs, goals, and objectives a succinct project scope will be established. Think of it as a road map to ensure that your project specifications are met with precision.

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