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3 Simple Steps to Follow in Selecting Hardwood Flooring for Your Home

Remodeling a designated space within your home can be a tedious process. The planning, coordination, communication, material, and more can become a be a little hectic. Especially when it comes to finding the right hardwood selection for your specific area. Fortunately there are three simple steps that you can follow when selecting the right type of hardwood for any area within your home.

1. Find appealing wood species

There are over 50 different types of wood species which can make the selection process even more difficult. There are a couple of different options that you can explore when determining the right type of wood species for your flooring area.

  • If you have existing hardwood flooring in your home than perhaps matching other areas with your pre-existing installation may be a feasible approach. Typically homeowners will attempt to match a new hardwood flooring installation with a pre-existing one for the sake of consistency.
  • If you do not have existing hardwood flooring in your home than the selection process may indeed be a bit more tedious. Perhaps you are building a new home and having difficulties finding the right hardwood floor selection to match your appeal and style. In this case we recommend perusing through our gallery section where you can find visuals of current and past installations that may be of some inspiration. Alternatively, perusing through the VMV Inc. Pinterest account may assist in finding additional inspiration.
  • Working with a designer at times may indeed be a feasible approach as well. Someone who is creative and experienced in the wood species selection process can shine some light and provide strategic guidance.

Regardless of what wood species you select, do remember that this will have a sense of permanency in your newly remodeled hardwood flooring area. An area that you will most likely interact with on daily basis in some form or fashion.

2. Identify the dimensions/sq. ft. of each area

This is perhaps one of the most difficult parts when selecting the right type of hardwood flooring. Correct measurements are intricate to a successful installation. We recommend contacting an experienced hardwood flooring installer to assist in the measurement process. It is most definitely worth your investment and in fact makes the entire process a little less hectic.

  • First, measurements will need to be taken for each area that will have new hardwood flooring installed on it. You can accomplish this by measuring the length then width of each respective area.
  • Second, after you have accumulated measurements for each area it’s time to determine the square footage. In order to find correct square footage of each area you will have to multiply its length x width. That will give you the approximate square footage amount of hardwood flooring will need to be ordered.

There are certain anomalies when determining dimensions for hardwood flooring. For example, total square footage of material will vary based on the installation pattern. Straight versus diagonal (45 degrees) pattern hardwood floor installation will vary in terms of the amount in material needed. Typically when installing hardwood with a pattern it is safe to account for 10%-15% extra.

3. Determining the cost of installation for your new hardwood flooring

Budget always plays a factor in hardwood flooring installation. Prior to starting your project consider a consultation with a flooring contractor to determine a suitable budget that will not break the bank. There are two common mistakes that we have seen happen in the past:

  1. People will attempt a DIY approach to hardwood flooring installation. This can be very risky and costly.
  2. Hiring an inexperienced installer or someone who is looking for a quick buck.

VMV Inc. offers free estimates and consultation for hardwood flooring installation. We invite you to contact us today for more information on your next hardwood flooring installation. A member of our team will coordinate a feasible time and place to meet with you and discuss in detail project specifications.

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