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VMV Inc. is a family-owned and operated virtual-based flooring company that started in 2003. Our passion for flooring craftsmanship spans beyond the average daily nine to five gig. The company was started by a flooring journeyman with over two decades experience in the industry. Since the beginning, there was an instant spark in dedication towards quality flooring installation. We are aware that there are various other competitors out there and are ecstatic that you have chosen us as your installer for your flooring needs.  Our employees are seasoned in the flooring industry and are passionate about each individual project.  Whether it is a residential or commercial space, our experience and dedication to quality will ensure a seamless working experience.  In preparation for each individual job we take time to research and exceed your expectations then work closely with you to ensure proper material usage during each project installation.

Built on referrals since day one VMV Inc. has accumulated excellency and unprecedented customer satisfaction.  In this day and age a budget for floor remodeling is an important factor and one that we work closely in determining with each client.  Our primary dedication remains to excellency and quality service therefore we will work with you closely to ensure that your budget is met without breaking the bank. If you are in need of expert advise on making the right selection to meet your flooring needs we will be glad to provide professional expertise.  We have access to specialty items and the ability to custom order based on your specifications thru many of the top local leading manufacturers of Hardwood, Tile, & Carpet flooring materials.

As a small business leader in custom flooring installation solutions in the Saint Louis & Metropolitan Area we continue to grow and expand due to our passion and excellency in the business.  Our customer satisfaction rate remains at an all-time high and we continue to strive in delivering new quality flooring solutions.


We strive for excellency, quality, craftsmanship, and a pleasant working experience. It is our ultimate goal to provide residential and commercial flooring needs that exceed individual project specifications. Through hard work, accuracy, experience, quality, craftsmanship, and top-notch customer service, it is our belief that we can meet or exceed your expectations.


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    Our Methodologies

    [accordion_item title=”Experience”]Seasoned expertise with over 25 years experience in the flooring industry.[/accordion_item]
    [accordion_item title=”Quality”]Vetted interest in delivering upon your specifications and project requirements.[/accordion_item]
    [accordion_item title=”Craftsmanship”]Unprecedented skilled experience and targeted delivery upon project specifications.[/accordion_item]
    [accordion_item title=”Service”]Utmost satisfaction and service in ensuring your project needs are adequately addressed. [/accordion_item]


    [skill title=”Tile/Ceramic” percent=”100″][/skill][skill title=”Hardwood” percent=”100″][/skill][skill title=”Carpet” percent=”95″][/skill][skill title=”VCT/Sheet Goods” percent=”92″][/skill]
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